Goodbye, MITF!

The Midtown International Theatre Festival Is Closing

Gerald vanHeerden- Artistic Director of Plays

MITF 2011 Best Musical: Currently running Off-Broadway
MITF 2016 Best Play
A note of Reflection!

As many of you have learned, John Chatterton Presents, Producer of The Midtown International Theatre Festival, will “bring down the curtain” for now, on their new works festival. As this news settles in, I wanted to communicate a few sentiments to the festival family. It has been a meaning filled, deeply felt and rewarding tenure, these last 7 years. Your new works have told stories of humor, warmth, anger, joy and renewal. Each presentation has reflected a unique understanding of the human condition and journey. THANK YOU for telling that story! Someone was sitting in the audience and saw a reflection! A certain truth. Please reach out and keep me informed of your next endeavors at . My newsletter sign up can be found at and on Facebook @ vMHF Theatricals. You can also contact me directly via the Contact form.

MITF 2012 Musical directed by Karen L. Carpenter. Music and Lyrics by Rosemary Loar, Book by Robert W. Atwood and Rosemary Loar

Most Sincerely,

Gerald vanHeerden