28 Feb

Upcoming Reading: Tennessee Williams Revisited

Coming to the Episcopal Actors’ Guild on September 26th: The little known poems of one of America’s greatest writers, with narratives describing the theater connections and personal experiences of the actor/performer. The event will feature reflections with Miller Lide. Check the Upcoming page for more details!

22 Feb

Your Name on My Lips, Coming Soon!

Coming soon to The Theatre for the New City, running weekends from March 2 to March 19: Sam, a self-taught painter, struggles to get into an art institute while fighting to hold onto the love of his life, as the materialistic world tugs at her. With a contemporary, classically-infused score, “Your Name on My Lips” will transport you back to when love was earnest, feelings deep, and romance unabashedly unapologetic. The event will feature paintings by Cara London. Check the Upcoming page for more details!

23 Mar

New Site

The new site for vMHF Theatricals has gone live! Feel free to look through the show archives under Directing. Be sure to check out what’s happening soon for vMHF Theatricals under Upcoming.